Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)

Will Your Building Pass A Radio Test?

Many building owners and design professionals are not aware of ERRC requirements. Radio signal tests are performed by fire inspectors AFTER a building project is complete and a building permit will not be issued until the building passes.

If you include ERRC in design plans from the start, you save yourself time and money fixing the problem later.

What Is An ERRC System?

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

ERRC and RES Systems are commonly referred to as Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems (BDAs), Radio Amplifier Systems (RAs), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), or Public Safety Repeaters.

They allow first responders who are inside buildings to use the building’s radio frequencies to communicate with officers and dispatch outside.

What part of a building must be covered?

Ninety-Nine percent of your building should have ERRC coverage and all floors above the first level must provide at least 95 percent coverage. We recommend 100% coverage, if possible.

You don’t want to wait until there’s an emergency to realize you’re sitting in an area with no coverage! 

International Fire Code Requires ERRC In All Commercial Buildings

International Fire Code (IFC) 510 and National Fire Protection Act (NFPA) 72 require Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) or a Radio Enhancement System (RES) in all post 9/11 commercial buildings.

Commenco helps architects, contractors, developers, engineers, facility managers and building owners implement ERRC systems.