Add These Technology Tools To Your Event Plans

Add These Technology Tools To Your Event Plans

Key Points:

  • Two-way radios streamline coordination on event days
  • Mobile surveillance boosts control and management in many ways
  • A technology partner makes sure you select the right tools

Planning a big event is hard enough, and managing the day of the event is often the peak of the challenge. Consider using these technology tools to give your team more power to deliver a better experience.

Tame the Chaos with Two-Way Radios.

Redirecting resources, shifting strategies, scrambling to tackle emergencies. Coordination is what it’s all about on event day, and running around to keep staff on track is an exhausting and difficult strategy. Tools designed to streamline the effort are a huge advantage. That’s why two-way radios are just what event planners need.

Mobile two-ways are handy, durable, and rich in crystal clear sound. Plus, they’re as easy to use as the push of a button, even if you have gloves on. The rugged devices are made to withstand drops to the ground and being knocked around, and learning to use them only takes a few extra minutes when you pick them up from Commenco.

Learning to operate two-way radios only takes a few minutes.

Imagine tightly connected event teams easily talking even in crowded, noisy environments. Digital signals ensure clarity whether workers are spread over a few hundred yards, several city blocks, or across the metropolitan area. The devices link everyone, from staff at fixed event locations to drivers shuttling people from the airport and other satellite locations.

Two-ways turn all communications into real-time conversations, making sudden plan changes a snap to coordinate. Put your entire team on one channel so no one misses a message, or dedicate different channels to different groups, such as maintenance crews, catering staff, and security personnel. Well coordinated communications allow your whole team to stay focused on their work and reduces needless, redundant movements that waste time and resources.

You don’t even have to buy two-way radios. You can rent them, and event planners are typically surprised at the price. Rentals cost far less than you might guess, and they’re widely considered well worth it. In fact, after trying two-way radios for the first time, event planners usually wonder how they ever survived without them. The devices are ready to go out of the box, clean, sanitized, and fully charged. And you can scale to your needs with just a couple of radios, a few, or dozens.


Coordinate Resources, Crowds, and Staff with Surveillance.

Larger events can look like chaos to the untrained eye — crowds shifting different directions, event staff running around, vendors criss-crossing, and supplies streaming from storage. Keeping an eye out for what’s happening, what’s supposed to happen, and what’s not happening is fundamental to managing the scene. 

The help of surveillance cameras can make a big difference, but wiring a system for a temporary event isn’t feasible. That’s why Mobile Surveillance Trailers are skyrocketing in popularity.

A complete surveillance system ready to roll to your event.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers dramatically expand the ability to monitor event activity without the permanence and price of a fixed surveillance system. You can opt for a small and simple Trailer configuration or scale up to meet more elaborate needs. Hitch it to the back of a vehicle, drive it to your event, and position it right where you want it.

A pole elevates powerful cameras above crowds for far reaching views. Energy efficient solar panels are popular for keeping systems powered up, and cell connections send real-time video feeds to your mobile phone or tablet.

Cables and a telescopic mast easily elevate cameras above crowds for a clear overhead view.

Super wide camera angles allow you to analyze and manage crowd bottlenecks before they become a crisis. High-resolution imagery captures the real-time flow of people and supplies to help you make quick decisions before food, beverages, and other materials run low. Managing event staff becomes easier when you can see them working, even if you’re standing in a remote location. And recorded surveillance footage is priceless for liability purposes.

Using Mobile Surveillance Trailers over and over again makes purchasing a smart investment. Managing only an occasional big event? Rental prices will likely fit your budget. A rental fee is a small price to pay for taking operational efficiencies across the board to the next level. Working with a technology partner to pick out the right mobile system, optimize it for your particular needs, and keep it running correctly, makes the return on investment even stronger.

A bundle of operational efficiency high above your event crowd.

Planning even small events will always be a strategic juggling act, but leveraging technology to streamline and strengthen the effort is a smart shortcut to success. Radios and cameras are two tools that can offer the kind of level-leap event planning professionals need to do their best work.