Ignoring the maintenance needs of your two-way radio system? You’re not saving money. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before you pay a high price you may regret. New Commenco Care is the smart maintenance solution designed to maximize your radio system investment and protect your budget.

Ready for $5,000+ Fines?

Your business’ two-way radios are licensed to operate on specific frequencies. Do you know what those frequencies are? If you’re unsure, you’re probably defaulting to any frequency that seems to work. The problem is it may not be legal. 

“This is where businesses really get into trouble and it happens more than you would think,” says Commenco Managing Director Gary Quint. “They don’t realize that transmitting on the wrong frequencies can interfere with other licensed systems and violations are easily traced. Frequencies are shared by many businesses in urban areas like Kansas City, so violations really stand out. The next thing you know the government is knocking on your door.”

FCC regulation of radio operations is nothing to take lightly. Get caught using the wrong frequencies or violating your license in any other way and you’ll be shocked at the penalties. Fines can soar to $5,000 or more — every day. That’s right, $5,000 daily until your system is brought into compliance.

“Compliance alone is worth the cost of Commenco Care,” says Quint. “We’ll make sure your business is squared away with FCC regulatory and license requirements including filings, changes, and renewals. And we’ll routinely check to make sure your system stays on frequency and doesn’t interfere with other licensed systems.”

Did you know? Just one radio operating on the wrong frequency can throw off the performance of your entire system. Pinpointing the problem can be difficult, expensive work. The good news Commenco Care covers that too.

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Don’t Fool Yourself. Maintenance is a fact of life.

Just like your car, your communication system needs maintenance and won’t last as long as it could without it. But after installing a radio system, businesses often move on to the next project without thinking about the future of the investment they just made. Then the system gets put through the wringer. Employees use it day in and day out, and wear and tear begins to take a toll. So does dust, heat, moisture, outside technical interference and other common environmental threats.

“Many of these threats are nearly impossible to control without maintenance,” says Quint. “We also see problems caused by HVAC components and other unrelated equipment. Usually, by the time a business calls us for help, their system’s performance has really deteriorated and they’re in trouble.”

Many businesses rely on two-way radios to do work involving heavy equipment, inventory, and vehicles. Employees are in close communication as they coordinate sensitive movements and maneuver in dangerous situations. If there’s even a slight hiccup in radio communications, damage can occur and people can get hurt. Think about the costs that can add up as a result, everything from insurance to legal fees.

Skipping maintenance also puts productivity at risk. Without maintenance, your system will eventually break down. A system failure can tempt you into making urgent, risky workarounds or sideline your people completely while repairs are organized, parts are ordered or equipment is sent back to a manufacturer.

“When a communication system goes down, work slows or even stops,” says Quint. “Radios go silent and messages and alerts don’t get through. That costs time and money. And dealing with the problem yourself can really stretch the wait time for getting going again.”

Commenco Care keeps downtime to a minimum by focusing our technicians on proactive, preventive maintenance and the early detection of emerging problems. We’ll keep your system clean and give it everything it needs for continuous peak performance to avoid painful interruptions. Plus, you’ll receive priority response and won’t have to worry about our trip and labor charges piling up. They’re covered.

Think You Can Handle Maintenance Yourself? Think Again.

It’s easy to underestimate radio system expertise, so here’s a reality check. Designing, engineering, installing, programming, and maintaining each of the key components requires training — hundreds of hours of skilled training. Anyone who works on a system needs to know exactly what they’re doing. Guesswork isn’t good enough and a general IT background isn’t either.

And keep in mind that maintenance is more than cleaning and troubleshooting. Responsibilities include routine software and firmware updates that fix glitches, optimize performance and strengthen system security. Do you have the right people on staff to handle all of that?

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“Probably not,” says Quint. “Most small and medium-size businesses don’t have employees with the right training, certifications and testing gear to efficiently do the job. They tend to look at these systems with a break and fix mentality: if it breaks, I’ll fix it. But that’s a very expensive approach and ignores the opportunity to get the most out of your investment in terms of peak performance. Again, it’s like a car. Treat it that way and it will never run properly and repairs will just keep adding up.”

Commenco Care secures a valuable partnership with our expert team. It lets you transfer maintenance responsibilities to us rather than dedicating a big chunk of your budget to hiring specialized support staff and buying support gear. We’ll provide the best care at a fraction of the long-term costs associated with handling it all yourself or just fixing problems as they happen.

Learn more about maintenance under new Commenco Care including additional benefits that make it much more than a traditional maintenance contract. We believe in the best care because commercial two-way radio, surveillance and access control systems help businesses thrive.