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Radios Power Faster Notifications in Hospital Emergencies

New surveillance system makes a life-saving difference in healthcare settings.

Ask anyone who works in a hospital emergency room about the risk of violence and they’ll tell you it’s real. Emergency rooms are already difficult environments for medical professionals purely because of the high-pressure work…

Have A Broken Printer? We Are An Authorized Zebra Printer Repair Service Center

Zebra barcode label printers are at the heart of manufacturing and warehouse logistics and when they’re down, it can cripple the flow of business.

Zebra Printer Support Services include:

Zebra barcode label printer set-up, installation, on-site repair, and depot repair Only genuine Zebra barcode label printer…

ERRC: Does Your Building Have It?

When emergency responders enter a building, they’re relying on radio equipment to communicate with each other, and with outside dispatchers. Unfortunately, many buildings still have weak or impaired standard radio signals. That means, if there’s an emergency, first responders could be cut off from receiving…