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Supercharge Your Two-Way Radios With Text Messaging

When Texting is Best

You manage a large commercial property and there’s a leak in one of the buildings but you don’t want everyone around you to hear the details when you share the problem with the main office. This is a job for a…

Motorola Battery Care Tips

10 Ways to optimize performance and gain a longer life from your Motorola rechargeable battery:

1.  Charge new batteries overnight before using them. This is referred to as INITIALIZING and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.

Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride: 14-16 hours…

Use Two-Way Radios Without Owning A System!

If your organization wants to use two-way radios without the hassle of owning or building your own network, subscribing to a full-access commercial MotoTurbo system is a great alternative option. This video explains:

Move your business forward at the speed of NOW…

Should We Buy or Rent Two-Way Radios?

When you’re producing a film, hosting a large-scale event, or building on a temporary construction site, you need an abundance of digital radios to make sure your event or project runs smoothly.

So how do you decide if you should buy or rent digital radios?…

Light Bulb, Wristwatch, Two-Way Radio?

What do the light bulb, wristwatch, and two-way radio have in common?

Longevity of the basic uses they were invented for. 

Even though the two-way radio was invented in 1923… 44 years after the light bulb, and 55 years after the first wristwatch, they are…