Tear Down Inefficient Silos. Connect Everyone, Everything, Everywhere

The only way your enterprise can meet increasing demands from all sides – customers, suppliers, stakeholders, retailers and wholesalers – is by tearing down divided information silos. To compete in today’s warp-speed environment, you have to connect everyone, everything, everywhere. It’s no longer a question of if… it’s a question of how.

Commenco is your partner for assessing where those silos are that reduce efficiency and profitability. Our understanding of business technology solutions and technology, plus partnerships with the industry’s leaders ensure we develop a comprehensive solution that fits your needs and goals. Our team oversees and handles the entire installation process for smooth and seamless integration. And with our ongoing support and maintenance, operations remain efficient regardless of the challenges ahead.

Business Technology Solutions Transform Cost Centers to Growth and Profit Hubs

Boost customer satisfaction and efficiency across the board with business technology solutions from Commenco’s partners, the world’s top technology leaders. Our experts evaluate where you are now, could be tomorrow and need be in the next few years to turn cost centers into profit hubs. From software to state-of-the-art hardware, you’ll have exactly what you need to outperform your competitors or internal benchmarks and grow, efficiently and profitably.

Bridge the Technology Divide between Your People, Places and Things

Mobile devices

Mobile devices help keep managers and workers on task by managing workflow automatically in support of operations and quality control.

  • Workers find, record, share and act on information quickly and effectively
  • Track materials, inventory and key data elements with 1D/2D bar code scanning
  • Put real-time information at the fingertips of your workforce
  • Communicate with stake holders through push-to-talk device technology
  • Affordable leasing options are available to get you started today
WiFi infrastructure

So much rides on your WiFi infrastructure – reliable, secure communications that deliver greater diversity, scalability, and capacity. Your network has to deliver greater performance to allow users to be more productive. Commenco can efficiently evaluate and upgrade your network so you achieve measurable cost-savings.

  • Replace expensive T1 and fiber lines with point-to-point broadband communications
  • Quickly gain ROI by eliminating monthly service provider costs
  • Increased bandwidth supports connecting everything, everyone, everywhere in today’s ever-increasing mobile environment

Get rid of manual data entry so items and assets are accurately identified in real time. Manage inventory more strategically to save time, reduce excess and meet customer expectations.

  • Ensure deliveries match orders and lets you streamline shipping and receiving
  • Identify and count inventory and automate data entry
  • Track all product moves to ensure everything is put away in the correct spot instantly by scanning all destination locations, including rack, shelving and in bulk
  • Record and update inventory in real time
Vehicle-mounted computers

Ingeniously engineered to help you achieve the highest levels of productivity. Operators receive all the data they need to improve productivity and task accuracy in a right-sized design fit for your material handling vehicles in any type of environment.

  • Large screen size for enhanced information access
  • Runs off of vehicle power for 100% up time
  • Pick and put away with a high degree of accuracy
  • Manage warehousing operations based on real-time data
Barcode printers

A vast selection of high performance barcode printers lets you print, tag, track and locate your assets. With barcode and RFID printer solutions, you can produce on-demand labels, receipts, documents or cards. Large or small, enterprises across multiple industries use barcoding to know more about the assets and data that flow through their operations and make better decisions.

  • Desktop printers
  • Industrial printers
  • Mobile printers
  • Card printers
  • RFID printers
  • Kiosk printers
  • Print engines

True enterprise-class tablets that you can deploy anywhere to meet your needs, from security and durability to flexibility and manageability. With WLAN or WWAN connectivity, tablets deliver all the information your workforce needs to get the job done, whether they are inside the four walls or out in the field.

  • Built for multiple users with feature-level control
  • Consumer styling or ultra-rugged design for real business durability
  • Use anywhere — from retail to field sales and service with high-speed cellular/Wi-Fi connections
Software solutions

The technology you deploy must work seamlessly with your internal software applications and operational workflow. Our team has software provider partnerships and a long history of helping companies find complementary hardware and infrastructure for a wide range of business software requirements – from selection to integration.

  • Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Transportation and Yard Management Solutions (TMS/YMS)
  • Field Service Management Software
  • Barcode Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • And much more…
Closed-circuit cameras

Be virtually everywhere and see everything at once. Cameras are on the job 24/7/365 watching and recording all activity in real time. We can implement cost effective surveillance solutions that run over your existing network.

  • Custom designed systems to match your budget and needs
  • Expert service and maintenance for all equipment
  • Service and maintain surveillance equipment to ensure it’s working properly at all times
  • Full integration with even the most complex systems
  • Automated security alerts sent to specified groups automatically through the system
  • Both local and cloud-based storage solutions for easy retrieval
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