Kansas Schools Implement New Safety Standards

The Kansas State Board of Education recently adopted the following nine new school safety standards for 2019:

Standard 1

School districts will make sure the building/attendance centers are safe and secure. This includes:

creating secured doors (interior and exterior) enhancing the safety of windows improving…

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Evaluating the Safety of Your School Grounds

How easy is it to get onto your school’s campus? The 19-year old gunman who killed 17 people and injured many more in the Parkland, Florida school shooting managed to get on campus because the gates surrounding the school were open to let buses in…

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Use Two-Way Radios Without Owning A System!

If your organization wants to use two-way radios without the hassle of owning or building your own network, subscribing to a full-access commercial MotoTurbo system is a great alternative option. This video explains:

Move your business forward at the speed of NOW…

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Communications Technicians Needed

Commenco is searching for forward-thinking wireless communications technicians to design, service and troubleshoot various types of wireless networks. Experience preferred but not mandatory. Responsibilities include in-house and field installations, service calls, troubleshooting and repair of various computer, telephony, video surveillance, two-way radio, and public safety…

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Should We Buy or Rent Two-Way Radios?

When you’re producing a film, hosting a large-scale event, or building on a temporary construction site, you need an abundance of digital radios to make sure your event or project runs smoothly.

So how do you decide if you should buy or rent digital radios?…

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