System Management in the Cloud

Zebra is pleased to announce the launch of Azara – an enterprise-class cloud-managed WLAN solution. Azara combines the proven functionality of Zebra’s enterprise-grade WiFi with the simplicity and flexibility of managing your WLAN from the cloud – providing a scalable, reliable solution for small to mid-sized businesses as well as large, distributed enterprises.

Azara takes advantage of a public cloud infrastructure to provide optimal performance that is secure, scalable and highly available. Continuously monitored, Azara’s infrastructure is based on your businesses’ specific needs and delivers:

  • High redundancy with 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited scalability – allowing for scaling resources and spawning additional computer resources to meet the demand even under the most unpredictable of spikes.
  • Increased security and performance
Enterprise Cloud WLAN Management

Azara is the enterprise-class cloud-managed WLAN solution from Zebra that combines the proven functionality of Zebra’s enterprise grade WiFi with the simplicity and flexibility of managing the WLAN from the cloud. You can connect any number of access points and manage it with Azara cloud.

The Azara WLAN platform is hosted in the cloud which simplifies network and device provisioning and streamlines operations by offering zero-touch setup for access points. Subscribers to the service can centrally manage all their networks and sites from the cloud dashboard.

Azara elevates cloud-managed infrastructures with the power of WiNG 5. The next evolution of WLAN architecture maximizes performance, reliability, manageability, scalability and security in every corner of your network.

Insights from a Unified Dashboard Interface

Who’s on the network? What devices are they using? What applications are being accessed? Azara takes network management to the next level. The unique customizable dashboard allows you to set-up, monitor, maintain, and manage your network. In case of any issues, the Azara subscription including 24/7 technical support. Whether it’s one site or multiple sites, Azara puts the control in your hands with:

  • Real-time visibility and troubleshooting
  • Application visibility, control, and optimization
  • Advanced troubleshooting

Call 800-292-9725 or 816-753-2166 (7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CST, Monday—Friday) to speak to a business technology solutions expert about Azara.

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