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3 Reasons To Check Out Two-Way Radio Rentals

3 Reasons To Check Out Two-Way Radio Rentals

Renting two-way radios is one of those things you discover and then wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. Rentals can make a much bigger difference than you might imagine. Here’s why you need to check into them.

1. They’re a Perfect Match for What You Do.

Two-way radio rentals are just what you need if you want to grab and go without taking on the ownership responsibilities of managing, maintaining and upgrading the devices over time. Convenience is a big part of the reason construction companies, entertainment venues and event planners make rental costs standard budget items. Two-ways couldn’t be a smarter solution for projects and event work of all types. You pick up the radios, pass them out to your crew and don’t look back.

“Two-ways these days are about as rugged and reliable as you can get,” says Commenco Rental Manager Jeff Quint. “Construction companies in particular really put them to the test in all kinds of conditions and they always pass. Dust, heat, rough handling. Two-ways just work when you need real-time communications, and push-to-talk couldn’t be easier, even with gloves on.”

Two-ways are powerful, practical tools in the hands of workers in the field.

Quint preps and sanitizes the radios, including accessories, and will even deliver them to you in a pinch, which is ideal for project teams ready to get to work with no time to spare. He says more and more businesses are waking up to the opportunity, including media crews putting together movies, commercials or corporate videos in a single location or across multiple sites.

“Many businesses get into a steady routine of repeat rentals, but the needs of others, such as media production crews, come and go,” Quint explains. “Rentals are easy one-stop shopping when a project pops up, and the radios are flexible enough to meet all kinds of coverage needs if you choose the right ones.”

Quint says about half of Commenco’s rental business is tied to special events ranging from parties and weddings to trade shows, sporting activities, theaters, museums and huge festivals involving crowds of tens of thousands. “It’s pretty amazing how much sanity two-ways bring. Putting together even a small event can be extremely complicated when you’re juggling a lot of balls. Push-to-talk communication with your team simplifies everything.”

2. They Help You Organize, Coordinate and Focus.

If you’ve never really worked with two-way radios, you can’t really appreciate their full impact. You may understand how they operate, but probably don’t see them much differently than cell phones. However, unlike cell phones, commercial-grade two-ways rarely struggle to find the signals connecting them. They’re easy to use and the sound quality is stunning, even in difficult conditions and loud environments.

“When you have a group of workers spread out over a few hundred yards or even miles, two-ways connect them as if they’re standing right next to each other,” says Quint. “Everyone can hear each other clearly, make plans and get to work. The whole point of what you’re trying to do is organize people, resources and processes. Two-ways deliver a huge advantage that makes organization easier and faster.”

Two-ways make event organization a snap, even at concerts and in other loud environments.

Quickly setting up and getting organized is a great start. But whether it’s a construction site or a 5k run, circumstances change and so do the best-laid plans. That’s where two-ways also come to the rescue. Maybe equipment suddenly needs to be moved, or workers need to shift to different tasks. Two-ways make coordination immediate and eliminate an otherwise slow response plagued by inefficiency.

“Instead of people running around trying to help each other understand what’s changing and what’s needed, it’s a quick conversation on the radios. Plans are revised on the fly without individuals or entire groups of people wasting time slowly stopping their current work and then adjusting to new directions.”

The way two-ways streamline organization and coordination lays the groundwork for another big benefit: focus. Simply put, if workers aren’t burning a bunch of time and energy trying to figure out what’s going on and adjusting, they’re free to focus on more important responsibilities.

“You just work better. You work smarter,” says Quint, after years of observing two-ways in action. “The communication part of the job becomes simple. You spend less time doing it and that means you can spend more time focused on productivity and quality. That’s what everyone wants and they don’t realize two-ways can help until they try them out.”

Two-way communication means walking around less and focusing more on priority work at events and project sites.

3. The Cost is No Match for the Value.

Think two-way rentals are a luxury? You might be surprised at the cost. Jeff Quint says no one balks at the prices and most are pleasantly surprised. Rentals won’t likely bust your budget, and you’ll see an immediate improvement in what you’re trying to do operationally.

“I like to spend a few minutes with a new customer, just to run through everything but the reality is two-ways are very easy to figure out. I’ll put them in your hands charged up and ready. Then you just turn them on and get to work. There’s not much more to it. It’s not like you have to set aside a bunch of time for training.”

But don’t confuse commercial two-way radios with walkie-talkie toys kids play with. They’re easy to figure out and operate, but there’s sophisticated technology inside carefully designed to perform reliably in all kinds of situations. Some involve complex software configurations, and batteries are made to last through long jobs.

“Sometimes people assume all two-ways are alike. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are simple, traditional two-ways that are good for small areas without any complicating environmental or usage factors. And then device designs just keep getting more advanced and powerful all the way up to two-ways that can span the entire country with crystal clear audio and a wide-variety of amenities like GPS tracking. It’s really important to make sure you have the right radio for the job you’re doing. Otherwise, you’re going to be disappointed. One size does not fit all.”

Choosing the right two-ways for the job is key.

Can you afford two-way radio rentals for your next project or event? The bigger question may be can you afford to do without them? When you weigh the value of real-time, reliable communication that dramatically improves organization, coordination and productivity, Quint says you’ll likely see an already reasonable price tag very differently.

 “When I send a bunch of radios out to a new rental customer, I can expect to hear two things when they return. ‘How did we ever manage without these?’ and ‘We’ll be back.’”